Event Women Only | An Evening For Women About Portrait Photography

We have been looking forward to this for months. Invitations were send, delivered, given away and we even put some adds on Facebook. The 9th of September was THE day. Our event: Women Only.

At 7:30 p.m. Monique welcomed the ladies downstairs in the main hall of Concordia. Everyone was very nicely dressed. The ladies were clearly ready for a night out, curious about what was going to come. And we were too! Together we drank a cup of coffee or tea with a delicious piece of cheesecake from Claudia Lucardie of ‘Vuur & Vlam’.

Francis climbed on stage at 8.00 and welcomed all the women. Because he was a little nervous, being in the spotlight, he took out a camera and took some photos of the lovely ladies that came to see us upon this very special night. Then he asked me to come on to the stage.

I told a bit about my life with a little help from a powerpoint presentation . I use to be this sweet and shy little girl who was born in Maassluis, but grew up in Gouda. I will spare you the details, but I ended with my acquaintance in 1991 with the great photographer. I told everybody how he took a picture of me after a rather difficult period in my life. The image was so beautiful that I fell in love with myself, the photo, but especially… the photographer.

After my first speech Roos came on stage and sang ‘Try’ by Clobie Caillat. She sang this so pure that I could see some emotion in the audience. How proud I was of Roos! Then Joan Bieger came on stage. I was at an event of Joan three years ago: Inspirational Marketing. I had experienced the power of connection in such a way that I really wanted her to tell others about this at our Women Only event. She talked about ‘love tribes’. It was quite exciting for Joan to tell about all of this, because something so common to herself is sometimes very hard to convey in words. Also because a love tribe is mainly something tangible, something you can only let people experience. And so she did, through a beautiful exercise!

Eat like you love yourself
Move like you love yourself
Speak like you love yourself
Act like you love yourself

Love yourself

Then it was time for a toast. A toast to ‘being a woman’. A toast on ‘a nice evening’, a toast to ‘being here together’. A toast to ‘our new company: Francis Frionnet Portraits’. And of course one to my dear husband, a super photographer: FRANCIS FRIONNET.

After the break, Roos sang: ‘I want to be loved by you’. If Marilyn Monroe had loved herself a little more, perhaps she would still be alive. I then told about my search for ‘happiness’. Where could I find happiness? Well, if you were not there, the story will be too long to tell you all. But  we have experienced what the evening has shifted in some of the women and that is really special!

We ended the evening with a photoshoot to understand more about what Francis Frionnet Portraits wants to offer women. It was very special to have Roos, her sister Sarah and her mother cooperated in a LIVE photoshoot. The ladies in the audience had a sneak preview of our shoots in the studio. Finally it was time to know who was going to win a dream photoshoot….. drum roll: Joan Bieger!

And then it was time to say goodbye. Roos sang one more time. This time she sang: ‘If I were a boy’ from Beyoncé. And so we ended with a dance. Thank you dear Roos, dear Joan, dear ladies behind the bar and all the women in the room, also on behalf of Francis. You have made the evening unforgettable!

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