A Gift For Yourself | Book a Photoshoot at Francis Frionnet Portraits

It all started with a hen party. Evelien is one of our guests. Together with the future bride she experiences a super photoshoot in our studio. After the photoshoot, everyone gets a small package. In this gift is a giftvoucher for a photoshoot at Francis Frionnet Portraits … and Evelien responds!

Together with her mother she books a photoshoot. She already knows us a little and she knows about our quality. That is why she wants her mother to have a special time in our studio too. It is a true gift for yourself! Together they come for a pre consultation and discuss clothing and wishes with Francis. Soon they are 200% in!

When Monique opens the door, she meets her namesake. A dear colleague, whom she has not seen for 20 years. She is now visiting together with her daughter, Evelien. The ladies first drink a cup of coffee and Evelien puts on her Chinese dress. Our make-up artist and hairstylist Miranda makes a nice bun in Evelien’s hair and she also takes care of her make-up; a beautiful Asian look.

While Evelien poses for our new background, Monique goes to Miranda for hair and make-up. Monique does not want her hair very different to how she is normally wearing it, so Miranda styles her hair by blowdrying it. Then it is Monique’s turn to go on the set. Her jacket really matches our background perfectly. We could not have imagined a better combination.

Happiness is... mother & daughter time!

Miranda stays with us the whole morning and restyles the hair of Evelien, she now has curls. She looks beautiful. The ladies both brought very nice, stylish clothes. And the sets that they have chosen for the mother & daughter photos match very well.

At the end of the photoshoot, (grand)mother would have joined them. Three generations on the set. Unfortunately, grandma is not feeling well. That is why Richard, Monique’s husband, comes to the studio for the last setting. His hair is in for a ‘finishing touch’ by Miranda, before his picture with ‘his women’ is taken.

Finally, we all enjoy lunch together, Miranda and Richard are eating with us too. We hope to meet grandma and the daughter/ sister too.

A few days later both ladies are coming back to the studio. A little earlier than planned, but Monique is going on holiday and Evelien has a nice trip to America ahead of her. Both ladies are very impressed by the great pictures. They both take home a full foliobox.
Dear ladies, we want to thank you both very very much for your kind words and the trust you have given us.

A photoshoot at Francis Frionnet Portraits is really a wonderful gift for yourself. If you want to give your mother such an unforgettable moment in our studio, give her a gift voucher for a phot shoot or a voucher as a contribution to beautiful prints.

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