A Photoshoot at Francis Frionnet Portraits | A True Experience!

How do you accidentally get to an event for women on the 9th of September? Just step into Concordia at the Westhaven 27 in Gouda and…. meet an enthusiastic lady who persuades you to spend an evening with other women. And meet a French photographer who tells you very passionately about hit portrait photography especially for women.

Organizing an event, is something Francis and Monique are very good at!!! After a fantastic evening, it is clear to me that it is extra special when you book a mother and daughter photoshoot. So I take the next step and make an appointment for a birthday present for  my daughter and just let myself go with the flow.

After a very pleasant pre-consultation with Francis, he gets to know us a bit better and he designs our photoshoot. Then we pick a date; even though it is Francis’ birthday, this is going to be THE day!!! After that Monique takes care of the email exchange and supports us in finding the right clothes for the photoshoot. Well we find enough in our wardrobe.

Take a chance, because you never know how absolutely perfect something could turn out to be

The night before the photoshoot, Christianne sleeps at our home, Monique talks about a girls night out. And that it is!! The morning of the photoshoot, we are brought to the Westhaven by my husband, with half of our wardrobe in our suitcases. In a pleasant photostudio three women (for hair, make-up and for everything ‘what should make us as comfortable as possible’) are waiting for us. Francis, the photographer is there too. It is his birthday, so we sing for him. The team let us enjoy a wonderful morning that ends with a fantastic lunch.

After a week it is time for the reveal, it is one with a huge ‘wow-effect’ when the result of the photoshoot are shown on the big table in the studio.

Now, another week later, you can find pictures of us on Facebook and we get a lot of compliments from different people. ‘Oh that’s you ?!’ and ‘What a beautiful woman’. Soon with the new website online, we will probably get many more positive comments.

thanks Annie for this text

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