Dancing on the set | Photoshoot of Francis Frionnet Portraits

When we ask Annemiek to do a photoshoot with us, she is immediately enthusiastic. We aske her if it is okay to use her photos on the website and for promotion on our business card? We might use some pictures for our magazine too … all is fine by Annemiek. She would love to help us to put Francis Frionnet Portraits on the map.

On Thursday, April the 20th, a cheerful lady enters our photostudio. We make a photo before we start the photoshoot and pick the clothes for the first session. While Annemiek drinks her coffee Monique takes care of the make-up. Annemiek admits she does not often wear make-up. She’s happy about Monique’s choice and soon she is on the set to have her photos taken.

Annemiek is drama teacher. She has little worries presenting herself. Yet she admits she does not find it easy to pose for the camera. Francis helps her and gradually you see Annemiek relax more and more. By the time she is posing in the green chair near the window, she is very laid-back. She takes up all her space and puts herself down beautifully. She radiates so much power. WOW, this is amazing!

Dancing is like dreaming with your feet - Constanze

We end the session with dancing. Annemiek takes our red dress from the fitting room. It looks stunning! She moves smoothly and gracefully on the set. The posing during the dance is so natural and Annemiek enjoys every moment of it.

We wrap up this delightful morning with a nutritious lunch and talk about healthy food and lifestyle. It is so nice to meet a colleague of Francis. Annemiek is so open and honest.

When Annemiek comes back for the reveal her foliobox. We make a film about the her ‘adventure’ in our studio. Annemiek thanks so much for all you have done for us. We have enjoyed every minute together and you have a wonderful personality!

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