Esmeralda shares her story | Partytime in the studio

My name is Esmeralda. Monique and I have the same construction year. I have a son (Tim) of almost 20 years and a daughter (Lauren) of almost 18 years. I love photography, but I do not like to be in front of the camera I prefer to be behind it, taking the pictures myself.

A little history
A beautiful photo is very important to me, because it usually captures unforgettable moments. Seven years ago I wanted a special children’s party for my daughter, who then turned 11. Soon I found Studiorama Photography in Gouda. I loved the photos on the website and this party seemed so cool to me and my daughter.  I immediately called them to see if we could come in April. We were more then welcome; Francis and Monique gave the children the best party ever! The following year I rented a pink limousine to transport my daughter and her swimming friends to Gouda. It wasn’t easy to manoeuvre the car through those little streets with canals, but it was a big succes. Francis and Monique rolled out the red carpet; what an entrance!! Fantastic!!! After this I booked a photoshoot for Father’s Day with both my children.

Top model
Since the parties I go to Gouda  every year around the Lauren’s birthday. Francis has made the most beautiful pictures of my child growing into this young woman. All his photos are so fantastic, I just couldn’t choose. So every time I had to buy all the photos.
During the summer holidays my daughter went for an outdoor photoshoot twice together with other teenagers she did not know. She loved to be a real model in the streets of Gouda and Francis made the most fantastic pictures of her and the other teens !! Again so different from the studio pictures. He is a real professional and you can seethis in all his pictures. Our house is full of images taken by Francis and everyone who sees them, admires them.

Women Only Event
In September 2017 Francis Frionnet Portraits organised an event especially for women and Lauren and I were invited too. On this special evening we heard all about the new adventure of Francis and Monique. They started to focus on photographing women and, with his own wife as a model, we saw beautiful pictures of her in a luxury folio box. But that was definitely not for me… yet!!

1 year of Francis Frionnet Portraits
In February we received an email from Francis and Monique with an invitation for their first year anniversary of Francis Frionnet Portraits. This was on March 8th, International Women’s Day (can it be more appropriate?). On this day you could have “a taste” of their new photoshoots. I did not want to have my picture taken, but I did want to personally congratulate them and bring some flowers. I told a good friend I was going to Gouda, he then challenged me not only to bring flowers. He told me I was worth of a beautiful photo of myself. With the bet in mind, I went to the photo studio that afternoon. Meanwhile we have become good friends and after a warm welcome we had to do some catching up. Soon it was time to meet Miranda, she is the hairstylist, now part of this great team. Miranda took care of my make-up and hair, after consulting with Francis. He knows what is best and how make-up and hair comes across on the photo.

Believe you can & you're halfway there
Theodore Roosevelt

Am I worth it?
And then it was time to go on the set. Would I really do it? I could still go back. No!!! I had come this far… Nobody knew about this photoshoot, except this good friend and I certainly did not want to disappoint him. With some trepidation I went on set. Francis guided me through the photoshoot and I felt more and more at ease. I was worth it! This should was for ME! The whole photoshoot I felt very relaxed and that really made it a lot easier. When I finally took the decision to do this, I was happy to know the photographer, he knew about my demons and I had overcome them! Wow, I did it!

The reveal
One week after the photoshoot I went back for the reveal of my photos. Francis had chosen 5 photos and it was very confronting… SUPER SUPER SCARY !!!! Francis put the photos up on the reveal wall, so I could look at them. I saw myself through his eyes and saw that I was so worth of these beautiful pictures of myself.

Francis brings out the best in you and the photos are fantastic. And that really means something coming from me, talking about photos of myself. I thought it was an amazing, unforgettable experience and I agreed to come back. I also bought a folio box to store these and my following photos. That is a very special gift to myself.

The next photoshoot has already been booked, this time I will go together with my daughter. I’m still a bit anxious, but I’m also looking forward to it. Thank you, my dearest Francis and Monique. This experience has really changed my life and I think it can change a lot of women’s lives. We women are so worth it !!

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