Experience the impact of a folio box | Photoshoot with Monique

Francis Frionnet Portraits, the concept is a fact. After each photo shoot we become happier with the results; yes, really really happy! The pre-consultation, the photo shoot and especially the reveal of the beautiful folio boxes. When we speak to the women after seeing the folio box they are overwhelmed by the beautiful pictures of themselves.

But how do I know how that really feels? I would love to experience that too!

To experience the impact of a folio box and to receive such a beautiful box full of photos of yourself, I decide to book a photoshoot too. Saturday, March the 12th  is the day! I go to Sjenkels early the morning It is a hair salon on the market in Gouda. I am served by Rowan. First she cuts my hair. This is not what we want for our clients, but for me it is now really necessary. Rowan then takes care of my make-up. I am very pleased with the results of both.

Not much later I get on my bike and cycle to our studio. It immediately becomes clear that it is not convenient to have your hair styled or have your make-up done outside the photo studio . It is better to do this in the photo studio, just before the photo shoot. My eyes are tearing and my hair is pretty wild when I walk into the building. Francis is ready for the photo shoot. I carefully pull a first outfit over my head, then I have to restyle my hair. After a cup of coffee and some new lipstick, we start. I’m very excited!

Francis explains briefly what the intention of the morning is going to be. It soon turns out that the posing is not easy for me; I often concentrate on what I do not like about myself, in my case my teeth. But Francis helps me with the poses and gets the attention away from my mouth. And gradually, posing becomes easier and more fun.

Love yourself first, so you know what you deserve

After the photo shoot we take time for lunch in the studio. a peaceful moment after an intense morning. The salad that is served is colorful and tastes delicious. Afterwards we enjoy a cup of coffee and then I go home, while Francis cleans up the studio.

I do not see any results after the photo shoot. And that is very usual, because normally we always take a look at the photos together. Now I am alone with my Happinez magazine on the couch. I am glad I can restrain myself from looking at the pictures. When Francis has selected and edited the photos, he leaves for the studio. He is busy printing for a couple of hours. One day later, when the prints are dry, the photos can be put in matts.

Three days have past since the photo shoot. On the table in the studio is a folio box. This time it is especially for me. I can untie the ribbon and open the black box. The whole box is filled until the edge. Eighteen beautiful photos, I take them one by one from the enormous pile. They are so beautiful! Is that really me? I see a woman; a powerful one, but sometimes also a vulnerable lady. The images are so fantastic that I do not know what to say. I do not look at my teeth once. Francis has brought the most beautiful facets of me into the pictures. This is me! This is so special! What a wonderful, beautiful and special gift for myself!


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