Mother and daughter photoshoot | Photoshoot on location

We know Josée since the birth of her youngest daughter, now 11 years ago. A beautiful, powerful woman. We would like to use her as an icon for our new business. We can already see her shine in a magazine we want to make. So we decide to invite her to a cup of coffee in the studio and after some small talk, we drop the question: “Would you like to be our model? We would like to take pictures in your own home, because we would like to do photoshoots in peoples homes in the future too. This way we can practice. ”

Josée goes home to discuss the idea of a photoshoot with her eldest daughter Lisa and they come up with a fabulous idea:  a mother and daughter photoshoot!

Early one Sunday morning we ring the doorbell of a beautiful canal house in the heart of Gouda. We are very warmly welcomed by Josée and Lisa. After a delicious cup of coffee and a lovely greeting from the cat, we look upstairs at the clothes for the photoshoot. Everything is laid out on the bed of Josée. First we look at the clothes Lisa has chosen. We planned 4 settings for her, one of which was a set to match her mother’s.

Lisa is 18 years old and likes to wear t-shirt and tops with brand names and we also see a pair of ripped jeans. We talk about how she wants to look at her photos when she might one day be a mother herself. Are brands on t-shirts or holes in jeans timeless, or not? We choose a chic dress, the jeans with holes and a timeless set where we can photograph her with together with her mother.

Then we look at Josée’s clothes. In addition to the set we already chose, we also choose a beautiful dress and a beautiful pastel colored top. Josée has a lot of accessories and it’s nice to see that she matches them very well with her favorite clothes. Then Monique goes down to unpack the makeup and the ladies can get dressed for the photoshoot.

Josée is the first one to have her makeup done, while Lisa curls her own hair. Josée usually wears light blue eye shadow, and therefore Monique chooses different shades for now. Josée is very pleased with her new look. Then it’s time to do her hair. It will be great to attract a hairstylist for our future business, but for now Lisa helps us. She makes beautiful curls and proudly looks at the end result of her mother’s hair.

Then Josée is ready for the photoshoot. Setting 1 is at the sliding doors. The light is beautiful, only Lisa is uninvited in the picture with her. Monique and Lisa move the makeup corner so they are not in every image.  Monique chooses a beautiful bronze tint from Zoeva’s metallic palette for Lisa. She is very happy with the end result. And we are happy too!

A mother is not a person to lean on,
but a person to make leaning unnecessary

When Josée has finished the first set of pictures, she goes upstairs to change in her second set of clothes, while Lisa poses at the sliding doors. With her beautiful makeup, beautiful curls and dress she is just like a model. She radiates huge self-confidence. It’s great to see her like this. When Francis is happy about the first session, Lisa goes up to change too and after that she goes into the conservatory with her mother.

The light is beautiful and Josée is very, very relaxed. The images show a beautiful, powerful woman. The cats walks in and takes a peek at the model, before it quickly runs off again. When Lisa comes down, we first take a few pictures of her in the conservatory. But Lisa has a wish, she would like to be photographed in the window, just like Jady’s picture we showed her.

We empty the window sill and remove the little curtains. Lisa climbs the window sill, just over a meter above the floor. There she is; this she wanted so badly. This certainly made her day! The pictures are beautiful and show a confident young lady, just like she ran away from the Calvin Klein advertisement.

The last pictures of Josée’s are made in the back room, so Lisa can change clothes for the last time. A little wind in Josée’s hair makes her glow even more. Relaxed in her own chair. These are a lot of benefits of a photoshoot in your own house. And when the light is beautiful the magic just appears. When Lisa comes down, we make some wonderful shots of the mother & daughter together.

Upon request we end our sessions in Lisa’s bedroom. She would like a couple pictures made while she is lying on her own bed. Very relaxed and near the window. The windows in a canal house are very pretty, like Lisa! The pictures are again very beautiful and super relaxt.What a morning! What we enjoyed, from Josée and Lisa, the cats, but especially their warmth and hospitality. Both ladies have given 200% and that is shown in all their pictures. Fantastic! Both of you… thank you very much!


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