Winner Women Only Event | Photoshoot in Haarlem

At the end of June 2017  I asked Joan of ‘Praktijk Joan Bieger’ if she would like to be a guest at our Event: Women Only. Without hesitating Joan immediately said: “Yes!” Super happy with her respons, we looked forward to September 9th. Joan would talk about the importants of women supporting eachother. Like women in a tribe, us women in this busy society can give each other much more, we could share secrets, joy and sadness.

And then the time has come, the Women Only Event.
After my introduction I give the microphone to Joan. She talks about her life, her work and her mission. Joan ends her talk with a special exercise. She asks me to come on stage and grabs my hands. Joan states that a woman loves to hear what she appreciated for. Shetells me: Monique, I really appreciate your enthusiasm. She concludes with: “And please receive this!” And that is how all women start to give each other ‘words of appreciation’.
At the end of the evening, 1 person could win a dream photoshoot. Everyone at the event that evening, has put a piece of paper with her name in a top hat. Roos comes forward and draws one note … on the piece of paper it says: Joan Bieger. She wins a dream photoshoot!

We have contact shortly after the event.
Joan’s dream phot shoot would be to put her story of the ‘love tribe’ into images. She would like to capture her five core values ​​on photo, for example the feminine, the sensitive. Being ‘carried’ by nature, but also being creative, being on your own mission, your path and being yourself. And what we’ve talked about before, that ‘universe has your back’ feeling. She can see herself running in the woods, it is clear that we are going to do the photoshoot in Haarlem.

the Universe Has Your Back - Gabby Bernstein

A few weeks  later we take the 6.34 a.m. train in the direction of Haarlem. When we get out of the station, it rains cats and dogs. We are soaking wet when we arrive at Joan’s workplace at Flow Plaza in Haarlem. We are warmly greeted and after a nice cup of coffee ensure that we quickly forget. We discuss what we are going to do this morning, but most of it depends on the weather.

At Joan’s request, Monique does Joan’s make-up and just checks her hair. Soon after Francis starts shooting. The beginning does not go to smooth, because Joan wants to know ‘what she has to do’. But she does not have to do anything at all, she can rely on what is there.
After the first session, it starts to get lighter outside. Joan dresses up for the jogging in the woods and we put on our wet shoes so we can leave. Then we get in the car and drive to the Groenendaalse woods. And what Joan shows us there, is really a magical place. And while I carry her bag, her coat and other stuff, Joan enjoys the forest and starts running. Francis makes beautiful images of a strong woman, a powerful lady. This is it!
After a lot of great images in the forest, we go to the sea. We end up at the beach of Bloemendaal. We drink a cup of coffee in a cozy beach restaurant. Then we walk towards the sea. But unfortunately it the weather is not as we had hoped and after a few shots, we walk back to the car. Tired but very satisfied.

Back in the Flow Plaza, Francis and I make lunch.
It’s time for a salad and a delicious cup of homemade tomato soup from the house. We look back upon a special morning. Joan thinks it is a good idea to offer these photoshoots to female entrepreneurs too. The photos are very suitable to go on their website to take their businesses to a higher level. We like to take Joan’s words to heart.

When we leave home again … it starts to rain again.
But we will not let anything stop us anymore!
Next stop … PARIS!

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